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Website Privacy & Use Policy

Welcome to American Legal Services’ Terms of Use and Privacy Agreement page. To proceed with the use of our site, you must first read and agree with all of the terms and policies as described below. Should you disagree or not understand any of the following terms or policies, immediately discontinue use of our website and contact our office for assistance.


1)  The security and privacy of your personal information is a high priority for American Legal Services, Inc.

     So that we can provide you with membership plans, we need to collect certain information from you either

     through the application process or from information that you provide to us on this website. However, please

     understand that we are committed to maintaining the privacy and security of such information in accordance

     with the law.

2)  All of your personal information is stored on our servers located in the State of Rhode Island, USA. We treat

     data as an asset that must be protected and use several tools (encryption, passwords, physical security, etc.)

     to protect your personal information against unauthorized access. However, as you probably know, third

     parties may unlawfully intercept or access your private information and abuse or misuse your personal

     information that they collect.

     Therefore, although we work very hard to protect your privacy, we do not make or imply any promises and you

     should not expect that your personal information will always remain private.

3)  We do not share any non-public information about our customers or former customers to any non-affiliated

     entity except when required by law.

4)  Employees have “need-to-know” access to your personal information only.


1)  At no time should you consider any information contained within this website to be legal advice or guidance.

    You should always get such advice and guidance directly from an attorney either through your membership or

    on your own. All information contained within this website is for reference purposes only and is not guaranteed

    to always be accurate.

2) At no time should you consider your membership with American Legal Services, Inc. to be a form of insurance.

    Your membership with our company is just that, a membership which entitles you to free representation

    time based on a schedule of benefits that is applicable to your specific needs.


1)  Use of this site is restricted to American Legal Services, Inc. members, participating attorneys and guests who

    agree to the terms and policies described in this usage agreement. Some areas of this site are restricted.

2) This website contains various information, videos, links, reference material, etc. that was not produced by

    American Legal Services, Inc. These items are the property of the various owners of such materials.

3) You hereby agree not to copy, duplicate, or reference any materials contained within this website without the

    express written permission of American Legal Services, Inc.


You hereby agree to hold harmless American Legal Services, Inc., any of our participating attorneys, any third party service providers or affiliates for the accuracy or the resulting use of information obtained directly or indirectly from this website.


We may amend this Use and Privacy Agreement at any time by posting the amended terms on this site in this area. All amended terms shall take effect immediately upon posting.

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