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Buying or Selling a Home?

Thinking of buying and/or selling? Well, we have some good news for you. Recently, your ALSI membership was upgraded to include free time and reduced commissions for the broker fees associated with buying and/or selling a home. That's right, not only does your ALSI membership help with the legal fees associated with this type of transaction but the actual broker fees as well. This added benefit can save you thousands of dollars in realtor commissions alone.


ALSI has contracted with local real estate agents for this special program. These agents have agreed to accept the ALSI program and help you buy/sell a home at special reduced rates.


If you are even considering buying or selling a home within the next few months, calling our office first could save you thousands of dollars. Even if you decide not to proceed with one of these agents, you will still gain valuable information free of charge about the value of your home and the buying and/or selling process.

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Cost Free Employee Benefit

Looking for a new employee benefit that won't break the bank? Well, our personal legal protection plans are the perfect fit. American Legal Services, Inc. can provide all of your employees with our basic program at no cost to you or the employee. Simply agree to offer our complete plan through payroll deduction to anyone who wishes to upgrade. There is no minimum number of employees to be eligible and there is no minimum number of upgrades required. Upgraded plans start at $6.00 per month.

Contact our office for more details.

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Claflin Open Enrollment

The open enrollment period for Claflin employees who wish to elect group legal as part of their 2020 benefits package is scheduled for this March. Your Human Resources Department will be announcing specific dates and times as March nears.

All Claflin employees will receive our basic plan free of charge. However, you can choose to upgrade to our complete plan for only $2.00 per week for an individual or $2.50 per week for a family.

Although the open enrollment period is not until March, feel free to contact our office if you have any questions about the various plans that will be offered.

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RI Council 94 - AFSCME

We live in a suing society. In fact, Rhode Island is considered to be one of the most litigious states in the country. This means the likelihood that you will someday unexpectedly need an attorney is high. Here in Rhode Island, the average rate of an attorney is about $250 per hour. At this rate, even a small legal issue can be financially difficult.


Since 1993, RI Council 94 has offered a legal protection plan to help you deal with the high cost of legal assistance. This plan will give you peace of mind knowing that you can contact an attorney for a matter as simple as advice or as complex as a major lawsuit and not suffer the high expense all for about $10 per month. There is even a new entry-level plan for new applicants for about $8 per month.


Currently all state employees are offered a similar legal protection plan as part of their benefits package. Although it is a different kind of group legal plan, you should know that Council 94 did an extensive comparison of the two plans and found the American Legal Services plan to be the better choice. An ALSI membership has fewer restrictions, more areas of law are included, and more attorneys are participating. Although this is a different type of legal care program, the price is about the same as what you are currently paying.


Council 94 will be offering an open enrollment starting 3/1/20 running through 4/17/20 for anyone who wishes to enroll. To enroll or to simply as questions you should contact American Legal Services, Inc. directly at 401.944.7400 during this open enrollment period.








Over the past year we received many calls from Council 94 Members seeking legal assistance only to find out that they are not enrolled in this plan and plan benefits could not apply. They wrongfully assumed they were automatically enrolled because of their union status.

In order to be eligible for plan benefits, you must enroll in the plan during this open enrollment period. If you are not sure if you are already enrolled simply call our office and find out. Once the enrollment period is over you will not be able to enroll again until next year.

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