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Why your business should purchase Group Legal

Consider for a moment some of the things that can be costly in life - an unexpected illness for example. Do you feel you could afford quality health assistance if you did not have health insurance? How about an auto accident? Do you feel you could afford to be involved in a major auto accident if you did not have auto insurance? What about that expensive television or appliance? Isn't that why people have warranties on expensive products? For these reasons as well as others, most of us purchase various types of insurance, warranties and other services to help us deal with the high cost associated with these type of issues. Hopefully you will never have a need for these services but if you do, having them could make the difference between an affordable solution and financial hardship.

Although most people have protection against many of the potentially costly issues in life, they fail to consider the high cost of quality legal assistance. With the average rate of an attorney approaching $250 per hour, it would not take much time before your business begins to suffer financial hardship. Just because your business has never needed the services of an attorney in the past does not mean that you will not in the near future. Most legal issues are unexpected. In fact, statistics show the average business has a 44% chance of unexpectedly needing an attorney within the next 12 months. An employee auto accident, liability lawsuit, tax audit, personal injury, corporate matter or even license problems are just a few of the legal issues that could present themselves into your professional life without notice.

Our legal protection plans offer an affordable way to obtain quality legal assistance if the need should develop. Plan members receive free representation time with an attorney of their choice from within our participating attorney network. Because of this, you will have peace of mind knowing that if a legal issue develops, affordable assistance is just a phone call away.


As a Small Business Plan member, whenever a business legal issue presents itself, quality legal assistance is just a telephone call away. All Small Business Plan members receive unlimited telephone and office consultations at no charge*. This means you can call or visit an attorney whenever the need arises. Having the benefit of being able to call an attorney and get quick advice helps to keep a small legal issue from developing into larger more costly one. If the issue requires more than just advice, your business will receive free time with the attorney of your choice from within our participating attorney network. The amount of free time each issue receives depends on the details of the case; the more complex the legal issue the more free time the issue receives. Consider this simple example:

“ Kurt, a local contractor, was called by a former client to do some work on

their home. The two agreed that the client would pay for the materials and

pay half the labor cost now and the other half when the job was done. When

Kurt finished, the client claimed they agreed on a different, lower price and

refused to pay the balance of Kurt's bill.”

​If this example actually took place, Kurt would need an attorney to help recover the money that was owed to him. As a plan member, he would receive free representation time by an attorney for this type of issue. If the matter is resolved within the allotted amount of free time he would pay nothing for the services of the attorney. If the issue takes more than the allotted hours he would only pay for the exceeded amount of time.


* Certain conditions and limitations may apply

How Membership Works
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