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Mandatory Information

It is mandatory that all invoices, fee and retainer agreements show a breakdown of what services have been or will be performed as well as the appropriate ALSI plan credit. To calculate the proper plan credit, contact our office for the amount of free time the client's issue is to receive and then multiply that hourly figure by your normal hourly rate.

Why is it so important?

Our clients are entitled to a specific amount of free time for their legal issue. More than likely, they have already talked to our office and are aware of the amount they are entitled to. If they were to receive an invoice or fee agreement that does not show the free plan time, they will assume they have not been credited the free time and expect some type of adjustment on their bill. Even if you have calculated the free time into your quote, if it does not show on all invoices, fee or retainer agreements, the client will not know it was applied. This will then cause a problem between you, the client, and our office.

Avoid this problem and follow these guidelines.

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